Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday FUN day

   I love sundays,dont you? I wait and anticipate its arrival all week. My family is all home together, Its a relaxing day. The day of rest. We have actually been attending church regulaly so we enjoy that now also.

My son went to sleep last night in his camo gear so he could be ready when he woke up to go fishing :) he knows that dad is always home on sundays and the lake is a hop skip and a jump from our front door. Last week was full and cazy for me definatly the start of an adventure a new chapter of my life :) Taking baby steps and not being afraid of the unknown is what im practicing now. Time management i definatly did not master as of yet ill keep on that also.

   Oh my goodness I almost forgot I am taking my boys to audition in a christmas play this afternoon. I absolutly love my little town I have had more opportunities and doors open around here where there is what looks like nothing, then I have ever before. I know that my son is going be so good at this he is such a character.... I have to go for now time to get ready for church .......have a good day.............................Tiffany :)

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