Friday, September 7, 2012

"Can't" its another 4 letter BAD word

    Learning new things can be hard sometimes.Being accountable for what you say and what you do is challenging,it shouldn't be but it is, and to make sure that what you say is actually what you do oh my goodness. I was told once a long time ago when my first born was a baby that if i didn't do exactly what i said then my son would be a master manipulate by the time he was 3. I wish i could have listened and been more animate in following her advice.
    I was not a very active child you could say, i was lazy which has followed me into my adult years, i was a very chubby kid as a result of that laziness and if i thought it was to hard i just settled for making an excuse on why i "cant" (usually my weight had alot spots in my excuses).
   My husband says "cant" should not be in my vocabulary because that word limits your life and the things you do. He is right. "Can't" is another 4 letter bad word.

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