10-08-12 thank you god for the strength to resist temptation i claim victory in your name
10-07-12 my whole entire family was baptised today

Church is a pretty awesome thing to be a part of I'll have to say,I really enjoy the people there Yesterday was a tea party where everyone dressed up and had yummy food I tried a piece of pie that was to die for oh my. My mom and mom-mom went with me it was great. I do pray for them to find a way to better get along with each other though the negativity is tramendouse toxic actually so take a moment and pray for their relationship please and THANK YOU          Tiffany:)


I have always been a very spiritual person so I thought anyways. My mom would take me to church here and there when I was growing up and I have been witness to some miracles in my life time. As an adult I went to church just as sporadically as I did when i was a child I would go if someone asked me to go I never just went into church on a Sunday with out knowing someone who attended already.
    That is until recently, My family moved to a new little tiny "village" there is even a sign saying that :). Some changes in our life had bought us the desire to have god in our lives, more than we had before.
    So the second Sunday morning we were here I asked my Husband if he would just go with me to this church and just check it out "i mean it couldn't hurt right"?          Tiffany:)
     Every one made us feel so welcomed and comfortable it was great. So we now have a church that we belong to for the first time ever and I am enjoying learning , realizing that I know absolutely nothing really I used to be OK with just knowing he existed, that was enough. Now no Way that's defiantly not enough its like I'm yearning for knowledge, I never thought I would desire to be this involved but i can honestly say I am really enjoying it, and strongly recommend it .

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  1. Proverbs 19;8 "To aquire wisdom is to love ones self; people who cherish understanding will prosper"