Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Im just so frustrated"


    I just cant figure it out some how my blog says that the main page where all the posts are doesn't exist the only way you can get to it is through individual posts that i share then you x out of them and then that's the post page , talk about curve balls i have been trying to figure this out for a couple hours now i made another blog for crafting you can get to it by the link on the crafting page I plan on making a learning to cook, mom your the greatest, spiritual journey, adventures with my family, physically fit and a couple other ones the only way i see it is to write an individual blog for each one that's the only way i can write post on them instead of pages that you can just edit now I have to figure out how to fix what I messed up and for the life of me i just don't know shoot I'm glad I'm not going to be 30 for a bit longer , its hard job molding yourself into who u always wanted to be and write it all down to be accountable for it and knowing that any one at any time can read all about me, but that's OK I'm awesome and I know it but I'm tired of the same old me that's full of ideas and no follow through, no structure, This is my life and I'm going to "ROCK IT" for all the world to see as I lean to be "ME" and fix every area about myself out in the open for all to see "that's bravery I think" I don't honestly care what anyone thinks about me I'm hoping that if you read any of my blogs that you could have good advise for me in my journey or maybe even get inspired to do something about your life, change something about you, that you don't like, for yourself, and not be afraid to say it out loud........................................Tiffany      that's my crafting site

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