Tuesday, September 18, 2012

" some people are inspiring "

            I am amazed by some people some in good ways others not so good. The women that are just like super hero's lol  they inspire me they really do. Some of them even home school, that is astonishing. I myself get side tacked very easy I always have. That is the intention of this blog is to use it as my tool to stay  on track, There is so much to do just to set it up and get the blue print made its a work in progress, I want to be like these women I read and follow you know the ones that actually put their ideas into action. I have all these things these ideas like overflowing in my mind I'm overwhelmed , I mean I spent the whole day in my Jammie's for goodness sakes but I did work on inventory so it wasn't a waste of a day.

    Time management is probably not only one of the first things i have tried learning but it will probably be the last checked off my list. I'm trying to find my rhythm. I'm branching myself out in all directions and doing it publicly just to challenge myself because I need to do this for me. I'm trying to break the cycle of me being my own down fall .

      I want to be a confident mom, I think its so weird sometimes, for instance I woke up thinking of these ladies that blog and just have it seems like all the answers and i decide to write about it then while this sits in a rough draft mode ...I am exploring face book and there is a post from one of the ladies that says "how to manage a busy day" lol. Its like seriously ask and you shall receive. My mind has been going 100 miles a min "naturally" and it feels like god  is guiding me, I'm real excited to see where my life goes from here and what opportunities I have in store, now that I am open minded, and willing to see them with a clear head on my shoulders.              Tiffany :)

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