Tuesday, September 11, 2012

" I have been thinking"

  1.               I have been thinking! that's a scary thought lol. My blog is titled learning to live day by day, well I don't think I have been going about this in the right way. The posts I have been posting are basically my opinions about a topic and that's really not what I'm trying to get out of this. I am trying to learn to better my life and the life of my family, and to document my journey. My blog is going to change to do just that from now on. I'm going to make it like a daily journal and write about what it is I am doing that day to pursue my goal and my opinions ill put as pages, but I cant figure out how to put pages on the blog so people can read them. In all actuality I really don't care if people read, comment or are interested in my babble. My family probably is but my intention is not for anyone else, its for my kids and for me, something i can look back on when i have become all that I want to be. Structure that's another word i need to work on . My blog needs structure just as my day to day life does. I'm full of ideas and "talk" now just learning to walk the walk with myself as the sole motivator. I need to learn to stay focused on my goal and not get side tracked. My lil sister is my biggest support she is awesome and so driven in everything she does. She tells me i should make all my projects into a s.m.a.r.t  goal. hmmm darn it see I cant remember what each letter stands for. I'm going to have to call her and write it down this time, sometimes I feel like she was supposed to be the big sister :). I'm a very lucky girl to have her, my mom too. So to all those who are interested in reading my babble and maybe you can shoot me a comment or an idea o maybe add some input to what I have to say to help me on this journey into figuring out how to ROCK my own WORLD................                                        thanks .....Tiffany 

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