Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

          Good morning, its Sunday fun day. We had so much fun yesterday with the family at Rylees birthday :) he loved his prize. I had a babysitter for my dogs, and while we were waiting for my Honey to get off work I got a call saying they got out, I had to drive all the way back and get them, I wouldn't have been able to not be constantly thinking of them running away.

      CJ dove into the pool and bumped his head pretty good he's like the king at getting goose eggs on his noggin. he looks like he has road rash on his face. I told him thank goodness he has a big fat head lol. I think he had to have been a fish in his previous life.Mr Cody gets head aches like his mommy does that's not good. Well hope everyone has an awesome day. my goal and focus for the day is family and enjoying living in the moment.Back to the swing of things tomorrow  trying to maybe get some things made to list them :). Going to teach my auntie to do eBay she would be so good at it......................   Tiffany

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