Friday, September 14, 2012

" Jesus took the wheel "

         Good morning. Thank goodness its Friday everyone loves Friday. Each day I woke up this week I have tried to make a plan for myself for the day and stick to it, well I have for the most part,practiced time management and tried to add some structure in my life. I have to take a minute and thank god for all he has done in my life, I realize that no matte what I have planned for myself, he has his plan for me hes leading me in the direction I am supposed to go. " Jesus has taken the wheel ". You know what sense he has taken the wheel my life has done nothing but get better, I was always told that but never realized how true it is.

         I got real inspired yesterday by my long time friend starting up her own business selling her crafty idea which I know she will succeed. That got me thinking (like i haven't been doing enough of that). I should sell my crafty stuff online too why not? What do I have to loose, nothing. I have had the idea before and just have never had the courage or confidence in myself to get the ball rolling.

          There is that "4 letter bad word" again CAN"T I have always cut myself short thinking I cant do something that I"m fully capable of doing if I would just try. I am no longer just going to sit around and wonder how great my ideas are how awesome my life can be if I just lived it. "Why can't I"? "I can". Where have I been my entire life? Confidence is not something you are born with i suppose its something I never allowed myself to acquire. I am trying to think back, when I was a kid what is is that prevented me from developing confidence, the only thing I can think of is I was always fat and allowed that to define who I was , who I could be. I accepted that i was all I could be, I never challenged myself to be who I wanted to be I just sat there and watched people, I don't understand why I did this, I just know that's what I did.
           In order to change something you have to first acknowledge it. Not even then does it just magically change, I mean I knew I was fat and even knew I was lazy, and still knowing it didn't change it. I had to actually do something about it.  I am ashamed it has taken me so long, and I ca not believe how much I put myself through by the choices I made through out my life. My boys are getting way to big for their own good and they do nothing but watch and analyze each choice that I make, I cant sit around and wait for myself any longer. I'm getting up and finding myself, my boys see that and I can tell its directly affecting their actions they make for themselves in a good way.

                                                                                                        Love always   Tiffany

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