Monday, September 10, 2012

" In Door Mail"

          Every one can talk, but not all know how to communicate (not very well at least). i have been thinking a lot on this subject actually. I came up with an idea that i call "In Door Mail". the idea came about when we moved here to our new house and my cell phone doesn't have any network out here i have to drive like 10 miles away for my phone to register anything, well that's a problem because the trucks not working so my husband takes my car back and forth every day. It was my own world up here it is nice to have no communication, actually quit peaceful really. The bad part was Not being able to say "hey babe i forgot to tell you" or "could you stop by and get some milk on your way home?" i mean sometimes i would remember what it was that i wanted to say seconds after he would leave in the morning i mean i could still hear the car off in the distance.
        So at night after reading my bible (which i do regularly now) and writing in my journal (also a regular for me now) I started to write my husband notes on a index card, along with my I love yous and drive safe i would write a reminder list and stuff like that. then i thought to myself this would be great for the whole family to participate in so on the front (blank side) we decorate and address  them like a letter and on the back is our note, thought, feelings, ect. Now that school has started i write everyone a "in door mail" and put it in their lunches in the morning ( the index card fits nicely in a snack size zip lock baggie so it doesn't get wet from ice pack). i write encouraging things like "I hope your day is as awesome as you are", and "remember to take the bus home"  or "ask your teacher" things like that. They love reading their notes at lunch time. I used to cut their sandwiches into heart shaped , but they wont let me anymore :( they are just getting way to big so I'm glad at least they like  their mail.

       I have actually just now added to the idea and i took their composition books one for each kid and wrote " I was thinking" on the front i write them something that's on my mind such as "I love you, and thank you for your help today doing the laundry" or " don't you think that you could have been a little bit nicer to your brother" or " i have noticed that something is bothering you, wanna talk about it"?  I then place it on their bed and then when they get a chance to write back they do and put it back on my bed. This is a brand new idea so far it is helping us. I figure writing feelings and things like that down will help them think about what they are feeling and be able to get whatever it is they want to say out with out interruptions.
 I myself have found that journaling is very therapeutic and cleansing of the heart and soul, it just makes you feel better, I'm trying to re focus my life and be the mom, the wife, the person i want to be. I believe learning to communicate to the best of my capabilities is the best way to start . ANY IDEAS?

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  1. I absolutely love the idea of "in-house mail"! I especially like the composition notebook idea, and I'd love to do that with my daughter.... my son needs to learn to read all the way first!