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                                                           My Family

           Hi my name is Tiffany. I am a mommy, and a wife. I have two boys who are the most awesome kids a mom could ask for their names are CJ (Chris Jr,) he is 8 years old and Cody who is 6 years old. My husbands name is Chris and he's well he's older than me lol.( I just love the fact hes in his 30's and I'm not yet lol). My husband and I have been together for 11 years now and i just have to say that I'm the luckiest girl in the world, we are each others best friend and still have the same spark and passion for one another as we did when we met, "god gave me you for it's ups and Downs" yes that's our song and " you and me baby we're stuck like glue" that pretty much sums us up :).
I like to think of myself as an ordinary girl, that has lead a extra ordinary life. I don't know really how to start my story or where I'm even going with this but there are not many people who have experienced the kind of stuff I have in my life's journey so far so i figure why not write it down in black and white, why not tell my story? 
I have always been happy for the most part really. I was a really obese child growing up, ya i always wanted to be skinny but to be honest it really didn't bother me that much it was just the way it was, i didn't know any different and for goodness sake i loved food. I still do. When i got pregnant with my oldest son my weight sky rocketed i gained like 80 lbs and i was already over 200lbs i have always been told i carried my weight well ( i always thought that was just their way of saying "hey your fat" in not so many words). I allowed my pregnancy  to be my excuse to eat what ever it was that i wanted and not feel one bit guilty. My husband loved me regardless at no point in time no matter how big or small i have gotten have i felt him love me any less. As i look back at some of the pictures of myself i just don't remember EVER looking like that! its like there was wool over my eyes or something because i have always thought i was a hottie, when i looked in the mirror i guarantee that person you saw physically was NOT what i thought i looked like, talk about being delusional huh?  at one point i got irritated with my husband and asked him "Why didnt you ever tell me I looked like that"? His response was "I never saw you look like that"! He has always just loved me for me. Thats what love is I am so greatful we have eachother. " I LOVE YOU HUSBAND". Well when cj was born and all the weight didn't just disappear with him ( he was big boy 9lbs11oz), that was hard to handle, especially when you have the lazy jean. That sucks because some of my aunties are the most productive organized, and active people I know, i just didn't inherit that jean .
well then little man Cody came along and with him i was more cautious but still couldn't really control myself but i have to say i tried to stay as healthy as i knew how. Cody came along and with him he brought a little over 50 ish lbs I think and defiantly didn't take it all with him when he came out either he was 8lbs 2 oz. By the time Cody was 2 The scale had risen to over 300 at this point, i was also an avid smoker i smoked at least 1 1/2 packs a DAY. I had no other health problems thank god, but it was like i was just asking for trouble and not trying to not even realizing what my body was actually going through i was past the point of no return. That's what made me go to Dr.  

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  1. Tiffany, I am so grateful that God has brought our families together and cultivated such a wonderful new friendship! You are an inspiration sister! Love ya' girl!