Monday, September 17, 2012

" Meditate on positive "

 Road blocks are very common in my life they always have been.I am actually my biggest road block. I just cant seem to beat this lazy gene. "Just do it" that is what I' choosing to meditate on today that was my last lesson in bible study actually, on how to meditate all day long . To meditate on something means to fully allow it to saturate your thoughts, to consume your mind, to be what it is that you think about. 

   The thing you have to realize is that you are more likely to meditate on something negative with out even realizing it. If your worried about something like money, bills or anything your filling your body with negative energy,that's a powerful thing and effects your whole day .

 So with that said I think If you choose something positive to keep repeating to yourself all day, "find scripture in the bible" or like today mine is "Just do it" because I'm absolutely amazed by my husband and how he does what he does gets up everyday soo early and works his butt off at a highly physically demanding job. Then comes home and takes boys out fishing at least 3 days of the week, He's awesome to me, ya he has his moments but , I have to give him all the credit in the world, I'm a very lucky girl. Also take a moment to thank God for pairing us with one another we really do complete each other and I must say compliment each other also :)   
     If you don't choose something to saturate your mind for the day then life will choose something for you. Life does not usually pick something as positive as you would pick yourself, its just natural to worry. Just think about it... Change cant happen till you think something different right? 

                                                                                 love always Tiffany

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