Thursday, September 13, 2012

"staying on task"

                             Good morning. oh my goodness was yesterday a busy and fulfilling day, did I stay on task and practice my time management skills? I tried, there never seems to be enough time in the day lol. Open house at the boys school was fun CJ has 2 teachers one teaches math and science and the other social studies and history He is doing good so far he has to practice better penmen ship. I really like Cody's teacher I just get a good vibe from her. I signed up to be a volunteer for both of their class rooms I had to fill out this in depth form for a back ground check, and a t.b check, which I was glad to do I have always volunteered in boys class, never have I had to pass so much clearance. I like that. CJ will be doing math that I did in high school, I'm not looking forward to that at all I was good in school but omg I feel so illiterate sometimes when he brings his work home. I had a couple curve balls thrown at me yesterday so I didn't get everything on my list completed, my dog chewed up things omg, my study lasted a little bit longer than usual, I stayed to help plan for the Victorian tea party next weekend. My mom and mom-mom are going to come with me, I'm in charge of the deserts (that's dangerous I cant even make a boxed cake). So I plan on using the fondue thing that I have and getting a variety of fruit so ya I guess that's not really cooking but hey it will be pretty and who do you know that doesn't like anything chocolate covered.

             Today the plan is to add a little bit of structure along with practicing time management. I think it might take me a minute to master time management that seems to be a big one for me. So what is it I am going to do today to better manage my time? I am going to not set myself up for failure and alot time in the day for curve balls. I have this idea I'm going to try an actual time schedule what a concept lol.  I'm trying to figure out how to structure my blog how to add pages and understand this whole process. At the same time I cant loose focus on my day to day responsibilities, also i have to make a jewelry set for my brothers girl friend its her birthday and my mom says we like this one lol shes a keeper bye for now :) 

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