Thursday, September 20, 2012

feelin it, kind of tired

   I am sitting here waiting in anticipation for something to happen, something to go wrong. why is that? This is where self sabotage or self doubt always pops its head in. When things are going good u know just to good you think.
    that doesn't have to be the case " no stinkin thinking" I am overwhelming myself and that is old behavior. I need to check myself rearrange my energy to focus on each step one at a time. I'm taking a break right now, i am trying to set up a spot real quick to take some awesome pictures of my jeans to post on eBay if I finish that and check on shipping costs I will feel accomplished oh yes and finish the pink set.
   Im glad it is only noon there is still some time my Internet is fixed it kept flickering, so it seems that every time you leap over a hurdle you have to slow down for the next. I just feel like a nap.  But I just have to "do it like my husband says ...oh my and I have the tea party to help set up for Friday then I have to dive all the way into town to grocery store mom-mom gave me a recipe for fruit salad that is simple It will be my first thing in the homemaking category :) oh yes "did you know" has to be another page you'll have to check out.................................Tiffany :)

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