" To Do"

   This is the spot where I can check things off my " To Do "  or my " I want to learn" list.

1. time management

2.planning memorable activities

3.better manage frustration

4 learn to cook

5 learn to bake

6.lean to type and  learn better computer skills

7. meditate

8. learn to be who i want to be

9. read bible on daily basis

1o learn to be confident

11. Read a book

12 master a chore chart and rewards sytem that works for my family

13. Be productive evry day

14. learn to meal plan

15. learn and master the art of couponing

16. Keep going to church

17make codys halloween costume

18 get involved in boys school

19 Have a weekly excersize routine

20 learn how to schedual things in a way to have time but get things done

21 have  my blog set up to best assist me in my journey

22 have my etsy shop going strong along with my ebay stuff

23. learn to juggle

24.take a class on photography

25. Take a web page making class

These are all the things that i want " to do " to accomplish as a part of my first s.m.a.r.t. goal each time I think of one I write it it may be silly ,important, seriouse , or just an idea id like to see set in action . I realized I seem to forget alot of my wants for myself or allow them to be set aside because I got side tracked. Now they are all here and I think its part of the measurable M. in my s.m.a.r.t. goal.........................Tiffany :)

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