Thursday, October 25, 2012

a new day

           OK so i watched all kinds of videos of success yesterday amongst my stupid stupid head ache :) I'm feeling better this morning its still lingering though man i don't know what brought it on I get an average of 4-5 migraine's a year :( 
Today my game plan is to make up for yesterday, i have to tow the mark as Christine would say :)
     I called eBay yesterday wondering what these fees were :( ya eBay makes their money that's for sure lol but all in all i have a way better perspective about the whole thing.  I need an instant cash flow to be able to finance my website and creative side and eBay is whats working for me :) 

 My husband is awesome he is just way encouraging. I am such a luck girl I have everything I have ever wanted (that matters) my family is the best and my boys are awesome. I have great people in my life and wonderful opportunity's at hand. Now i just need to get off my tush and get this show on the road :) I just have a tiny bit more to do and i can focus my whole self on my website my dream of doing what i love <3

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


                    you see every one .....i am proof right here.....i tried my hardest to give god all my worries and they were stacking up by Sunday evening and WOW I'm SO relieved ...... I THANK YOU GOD , YOU ARE AN AWESOME GOD..... 
Things taken off my plate -
Husband NOW HAS a job :) - my car HAS registration - my car NOW HAS insurance - a full tank of gas to get my h
usband to work - I NOW HAVE a laptop charge - i have 4 more months of my no more baby pills - I AM NOT pregnant which for 4 days i was thinking i was but it was just stress :) - oh yes I NOW HAVE costumes for my entire family even my dogs - I got wallpaper past and the balloons to make kids eyeball helmets - I WILL NOW have time to dedicate to my business and making my stuff. - I have sign up info to take some making jewelry classes do broaden my knowledge and ideas for my creations - I NOW HAVE the chip comming in the mail for my own business telephone ......... Life is GOOD and I sailed right through that sea of "negative nancys" (lol as my friend would say ) thank you god..... thank you...... :)

I cant think of a negative that is lingering at all actually :) 
OK yes i can .......those darn dishes need to be done :) man i cant wait till my boys get home to play basket ball .......have an awesome day everyone my music is on full blast and I'm bee boppin around my house :) '   tiffany

Friday, October 19, 2012

happy birthday cj

 Today my son turned 9 years old I cant believe how time fly's I love you CJ you made me a mommy and changed my life forever , you taught me a love I never knew are a awesome kid and you make me proud each day to be your mommy .....sweet dreams my baby mommy loves you

Thursday, October 18, 2012


 So excited , had to get up extra early, my sons birthday is in friday he going to be 9 yrs old he has no idea that I am about to wake him up and take him to Disneyland. :) i must go get beautified :) have an awesome day

Friday, October 12, 2012

awesome day

      Today has been an awesome day actually i spent the whole day basically at bible study. This is a different group and one of the ladies there is just so passionate in her prayers and the way she speaks just makes you feel good. Each of my bible study groups are getting bigger :) thats great i learned more about fasting today, im going to give it a try I think :) you see i think its so wierd  how  the negativeness tries so hard to mosey its way into your day especially when your whole day was filled with god . Well I refuse to allow it I am enjoying having a positive out look and chosing to be happy,determined, joyful, enthusiastic, tying to forgive,its actually just as easy as that actually you choose its your choice.

          I love the way my life is going now that I have changed my life is following lol thats funny you really can do whatever it is you want....just do it "it is just that simple" be who you are who you want to be dont let anyone tell you how to be you. your you
...................................................................................................Always, tiffany

Thursday, October 11, 2012

about time

 Its about time I write an update huh? well life has been at full speed ahead for me. I am taking off with my craft idea i started building my own site and i have no idea what I'm really doing actually so i found help and my site is being created for me i just have to make the products basically. I'm so excited actually. It will be maintained and i can run specials monthly emails to my customers its so cool:). I have lots of ideas i need to write them down so i don't forget.

   I have also been selling my old clothes that i totally grew out of on eBay so that's a couple $ here and there. I get to go treasure hunting this weekend for supplies which is my favorite thing to do :) I'm learning how to love what i do and do what I love, I have made new friendships healthy ones so that's another awesome thing, oh yes and family i am now friends with family I never even knew I had that is awesome. I have to thank god for all that is happening in my life I am truly grateful

I am a very blessed happy girl :)      Tiffany

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


           This always happens to me, I don't know why I do it to myself. Its like I am my own worst enemy. When things are going great for me its like I hesitate and get very unsure. I'm not used to things being awesome and my future looking so bright. I'm almost sure that this couldn't be possible, not for me anyways.

            This is old behavior, old ways of thinking I keep telling myself. Instead of worrying about something bad happening or something going wrong, Its like I'm scared of what could go right just like some of the quotes I read every morning say. I get "stumped" when you are so used to life dealing you cards that are not always in your favor you tend to get used to it. When given a hand that you can wok with how do you accept that this is real, My life is full of wonderful opportunities, I have a bright and prospering future if i allow it to happen. I love myself more now then ever before, I know I deserve good things i defiantly have great karma.

          My life has been such fast pace mentally and physically actually, With our move, our fresh start. Trying to get settled in. The new business opportunities that are overwhelming, I just have to do it. "I think I can" is what I'm choosing to focus on today . It doesn't matter how many other people think i can, if I don't then its a waist.

          I know I can. I am awesome, I  just have to allow good things to happen and learn to not fear good things for they are good with out hidden agenda. Usually when it seems to good to be true it is, That is not true though that is not always the case or how is it that people do actually succeed in life. Success is measured in all different ways. The way I see it is if you are doing what you love and are happy you are successful. For goodness sakes I am soo very happy so i have nothing to be weary of i am already successful, actually I think I am the most luckiest girl ever, wait i don't just think that I KNOW THAT. With that said I am going to start this day and prosper in it in every way possible
                                                                                                    love always Tiffany