Wednesday, September 19, 2012

accomplished what an awesome feeling

 I am feeling accomplished today. what an awesome feeling I must say. I didn't get any other sets finished, but I did get pictures of the ones that I do have and i have them listed .
 My shop is almost opening I have option to open it now but I only have the few items finished so far, and I'm nervous at the same time. I'm excited, I have even made a page of its own on face book. I wish I had a better camera but I played around with the one I have and I got some OK pictures, played around with lighting and different angles.
    I told the ladies at church all the stuff I have been venturing to do and they think its awesome quite a few ladies actually make stuff of their very own like Mary she is the sewing queen and makes all kinds of pillows and seat covers so I'm going to share what knowledge I have acquired and show her how to set up shop, it will be fun to learn right along side of others learning then we can help and teach each other
   I have managed to over come the obstacles so far which were posting pics and actually making some pieces, i just need to make it one of my daily goals to finish at least 1-2 depending on how intricate the design is. then once I have established a good amount of inventory then I will venture off into other shop categories, other neat crafts like my lady bug paper weights or Halloween decorations the holidays are upon us this is the best time ever to be a crafter.                                                         Tiffany :)

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