Thursday, October 25, 2012

a new day

           OK so i watched all kinds of videos of success yesterday amongst my stupid stupid head ache :) I'm feeling better this morning its still lingering though man i don't know what brought it on I get an average of 4-5 migraine's a year :( 
Today my game plan is to make up for yesterday, i have to tow the mark as Christine would say :)
     I called eBay yesterday wondering what these fees were :( ya eBay makes their money that's for sure lol but all in all i have a way better perspective about the whole thing.  I need an instant cash flow to be able to finance my website and creative side and eBay is whats working for me :) 

 My husband is awesome he is just way encouraging. I am such a luck girl I have everything I have ever wanted (that matters) my family is the best and my boys are awesome. I have great people in my life and wonderful opportunity's at hand. Now i just need to get off my tush and get this show on the road :) I just have a tiny bit more to do and i can focus my whole self on my website my dream of doing what i love <3

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