Thursday, November 8, 2012

negative won that battle .....not this time after crying myself to sleep an feeling so incredibly defeated by all the negatives that are at my door, i didnt get much sleep thats actually been quite frequent lately . But you know what being positive even when you feel like giving in is so much better. I am starting today with a FRESH START yes i still have all the probs that were there yesterday but i refuse to allow my old behavior of worrying and stressing out to get the best of me i have worked to hard to create the NEW ME . I have to give it all to god and "be still". thats so hard to do sometimes .
    I woke up today with my stomach not hurting as bad at least I'm still in some pain but I'm not focusing on it. In bible study they say that you should never claim something for instance i was all worried abut the pain in my stomach being more than just a stomach ache because of previous experiences so basically that was me claiming that it was something that it very well could have not been, when you claim something with your mouth that is you allowing the poison in. I have also been dealing with alot of dead beat bidders on eBay and this morning the lady finally paid for her cardigan that she had bought so they only  thing i can do now is to redirect my focus on not my problems or financial hardships at the moment but focus on this beautiful day i have in front of me where anything is possible its raining right now that is awesome in some ways but the septic guy is coming so i wouldn't wanna be him today lol kids are healthy yes cody has a infection in his front teeth but i found a emergency place that we can go sit and wait for a no show on Saturday that goes on sliding scale to get that taken care of.  I'm greatful for this day for my life for my family, for my husband who gets up every single day and drives so far away to bust his butt to give his family all he can give and has a smile on his face basically the whole time, yes he gets discouraged in instances like the ones we are having but they could be worse we could be in the same boat w/o him having a job,  well hope everyone has an awesome Tiffany

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