Thursday, October 11, 2012

about time

 Its about time I write an update huh? well life has been at full speed ahead for me. I am taking off with my craft idea i started building my own site and i have no idea what I'm really doing actually so i found help and my site is being created for me i just have to make the products basically. I'm so excited actually. It will be maintained and i can run specials monthly emails to my customers its so cool:). I have lots of ideas i need to write them down so i don't forget.

   I have also been selling my old clothes that i totally grew out of on eBay so that's a couple $ here and there. I get to go treasure hunting this weekend for supplies which is my favorite thing to do :) I'm learning how to love what i do and do what I love, I have made new friendships healthy ones so that's another awesome thing, oh yes and family i am now friends with family I never even knew I had that is awesome. I have to thank god for all that is happening in my life I am truly grateful

I am a very blessed happy girl :)      Tiffany

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