Tuesday, October 23, 2012


                    you see every one .....i am proof right here.....i tried my hardest to give god all my worries and they were stacking up by Sunday evening and ....now WOW I'm SO relieved ...... I THANK YOU GOD , YOU ARE AN AWESOME GOD..... 
Things taken off my plate -
Husband NOW HAS a job :) - my car HAS registration - my car NOW HAS insurance - a full tank of gas to get my h
usband to work - I NOW HAVE a laptop charge - i have 4 more months of my no more baby pills - I AM NOT pregnant which for 4 days i was thinking i was but it was just stress :) - oh yes I NOW HAVE costumes for my entire family even my dogs - I got wallpaper past and the balloons to make kids eyeball helmets - I WILL NOW have time to dedicate to my business and making my stuff. - I have sign up info to take some making jewelry classes do broaden my knowledge and ideas for my creations - I NOW HAVE the chip comming in the mail for my own business telephone ......... Life is GOOD and I sailed right through that sea of "negative nancys" (lol as my friend would say ) thank you god..... thank you...... :)

I cant think of a negative that is lingering at all actually :) 
OK yes i can .......those darn dishes need to be done :) man i cant wait till my boys get home to play basket ball .......have an awesome day everyone my music is on full blast and I'm bee boppin around my house :) '   tiffany

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